Speaking of many hobbies, a little foreword. I’m now trying this blogging thing to see how good I am at writing things, especially in English, which is not my native. Let’s get into it.

Having many hobbies is really cool and useful. You can make everything for yourself without wasting money and hiring someone else. You have your own creative control and possibility to create your perfect thing. But is that really good? Doesn’t that make you overworked and insane?

To be honest, it kind of does. But managing your hobbies and making a definite schedule can save you from mental exhaustion and keep your mental health manageable.

So how do you manage multiple activities? How to not get sucked in to the point where you can’t take any of this any more?

I’d say just go with it. Do what you feel like in the current moment. If you don’t want to — give it a try. See if you enjoy the process. If after a while you don’t — try to meditate. In a future post I’m going to explain the concept of meditation in more details. If even that doesn’t work, it’s time to switch to something more enjoyable.

Until you have deadlines, don’t force yourself to do something that you don’t feel like doing, otherwise you’ll respectively get forced results, the low effort ones that you will hate: «Great job, me. F*ck that». Sometimes it means abandoning some hobbies for a long time. At least you get back fresh with new ideas. In cases when you still have no idea what to do, but still feel like doing it — make it happen no matter what, within acceptable limits. I don’t urge you to break laws, I mean experiment, go mad on your art. Like everything came to exist from chaos, same might be for your art. At least one of the mad pieces will be a master one.

A happy accident I took on the floor of my house.

I would also recommend to make a schedule where you dedicate each weekday to a different hobby, this will make sure you have enough rest from each activity to comprehend them and find your inspiration and drive.

With that being said, I hope you find your motivation to get on the path of your dreams. Life is short to waste time, and as we age, time feels faster. Find your purpose and create.

Leave your comment below with your thoughts, and tell how good of a job I did and how great my English is 😀