Recent 10th anniversary of Minecraft motivated me to tell my story of how Minecraft changed my life.


2012 is when it began, and I was 14. When I was browsing YouTube I stumbled upon a Minecraft parody of GTA V first trailer, where the whole GTA V trailer was recreated in Minecraft. I decided to watch it because I was really hyped about GTA V at the time. It didn’t put a good impression on me at all, I thought the graphics sucked, and just ignored this video, but haven’t forgot.

Later in school, my best friend at the time recommended me to play on a Minecraft server he was playing, he was describing it like there were some advanced machines and wires and stuff. I was confused, because I haven’t seen any of that from the information I’ve been looking about Minecraft. I was sceptical at first and told him that the graphics sucked and I’m not really into it, but he convinced me that it was fun. Little did I know, huh.

I found in the internet some unofficial launcher, started my first world, dug out a cliff house in snowy taiga and… I was stuck on how to open crafting table. Searching Minecraft Wiki didn’t help, so I went on YouTube looking for let’s plays. Found a really old series of a russian YouTuber, and I felt extremely dumb when I found out I just had to right-click the crafting table to open the 3×3 grid. From this point I forgot what happened to this world, but I clearly remembered my next world.

Mystery – key of the game’s success

Graphics don’t matter

Here I spawned on the beach, and first thing I did is dug out a house in a near hill, obviously. Made my little cozy place and a mine entrance in the house. Then extended the house above ground by making a cobblestone box, started to clear out area on the beach for a next build. But one day I went out too far away from home and got lost. I just could not find a way back. So I settled in another near hill. Made a big living room and a balcony outside on a second floor. Then I discovered the Too Many Items mod that essentially gives you every block this game offers in one screen. So, having infinite power at my disposal, I further decorated my house, built a rollercoaster outside, then a long railroad to another island for no reason – basically just having tons of fun. I tried out the flying feature of the Too Many Items mod, flew around, and… What? Is this my old house? It was just a couple hundreds block away. Well, I continued having fun with Too Many Items there. Until I lost this world. It was somehow appeared non existent anymore, still don’t know how that happened. I miss that world, I wish I could relive nostalgia and walk around in it today.

Soon after, my friend explained that I got the wrong launcher and should’ve downloaded the server’s launcher, and here we go again. We made so many memories on that server together, got griefed and robbed, then shortly after, the server closed down, we went on a related server, made even more memories, and there is when my friend started loosing interest in Minecraft. He built a house next to mine, but he never came back. It was weird to look at his dark unlit abandoned house and hoping he would come back. I felt lonely, but I managed through. Shortly after, we quarrelled, and the server closed down too. But my sympathy for Minecraft remained.

“It’s getting late, I gotta go.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

Last online: 9 years ago.

Socializing in a foreign community

I started to go deeper in Minecraft community in 2014, found Minecraft Forums and settled on a thread of a resource pack called Faithful 32×32. I really liked the idea of vanilla textures but in double resolution, and this was the only such texture pack that existed. I was so much invested in it, that I became a contributor, learned Photoshop basics, made textures for Minecraft snapshots, and was speaking with extremely broken English (sucks that the thread was recently removed, I could have linked you and example of my “English”). And here I met another contributor called SteelBrother, that apparently was russian too. We quickly became friends, and still are best friends to this day, forever.

Commitment to become the best

After several complaints from the Faithful 32×32 creator, I left contributing to him and decided to make my own version of Faithful 32×32 from scratch, so no one is telling me what to do and how to do. That was scary at first because I had 600+ individual textures to make from complete ground up.

Me and my friend SteelBrother were committed, and here was born and posted on Planet Minecraft an early prototype of Default 32×32 resource pack. It looked almost like Faithful 32×32, but my own spin. Looking back to it it sucked, literally a copy of another resource pack but with snapshot support. As my drawing skills improved, my requirements for the resource pack we’re growing fast. I went so far as redrawing all the textures again with the new stylistic. Then requirements grow, then I redraw everything again… I was trying to find a unique style for it that kept the vanilla feel really well, and looked how Minecraft developers would draw them.

Stress and personal issues in life always interfered in progress of Default 32×32, sometimes there were no updates for several months. But growing interest of people is what motivated me to keep going.

Don’t give up

5 years later – and I’m a totally different person. I learned English, I learned texturing, I gathered a community around me, made new friends, became confident, emotionally and physically stronger, something that I would never thought I’d do in 2012.

It is fun, my old friend, and it was life changing for me, and it will continue be. Memories that I look back to, paired with C418’s music, literally make me tear up. Sometimes I want to forget everything I know and experience that moment when I couldn’t open crafting table again.

Thank you, Minecraft. Happy 10th anniversary. Thank you VolyFNAP (formerly SteelBrother) for still being with me through toughest times.