Most of you might believe that meditation is some kind of nonsense. I was that type of person myself until very recently. After comprehending and realizing what meditation actually is, I started to understand why it works, and why it will work for you.

Meditation is not your stereotypical sitting with crossed legs and OK signs on knees, there’s a lot more to that, most of it in your mentality. In this post I’m going to explain just that.

What is it and why?

I’m not here to tell you a huge history lesson on religious context and Indian roots of meditation, there’s a lot of this information out in the open Internet, but rather tell you my personal experience and perception.

In a nutshell, meditating is total disconnection from the world. The only thing in your mind is one certain subject. This spiritual excersise greatly clears your mind, stabilizes you emotionally and helps you focus on a further task: “Oh, man, I’m gonna do this and ain’t nothing gonna stop me”. When I had no will to work on my important projects, this is exactly how I felt after a few minutes of meditative practice.

How to do it?

Get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, try to fully relax your body, and now find a subject of focus. Maybe listen to the sounds of your PC or Notebook. Make a strong mental focus on them, try to pick out certain frequinces out of that noise. Or maybe try to focus on birds chirping outside. Or, if there’s nothing to hear, listen to your heartbeat, find little charachteristics your heartbeat has (that’s only if you don’t get anxiety from your own body noises). Be aware of those things at least for 5-10 minutes a day and then you should have no more running thoughts, but a definite vision of your path.

Subject of focus doesn’t necessarily has to be physical, it might be a certain positive thought, mental vision, something that doesn’t necessarily exists. Think of something high, fathom the scales of the Universe, infinite beauty and extreme danger it holds, make a mental travel through all that; Visualise what your perfect self, or rather an end-goal you could look like, and the possible environment around him.

Story Time

While we at it, why don’t I tell you a yesterday story. It was late evening when I got outside, laid on the ground and started to stare on the bright moon through naked pear branches while listening to my recent favorite tune. I was so involved that everything around the moon in my peripheral vision just went pure black, didn’t even see the branches anymore. and I fell like I was in a desert, clouds on the horizon. All alone and peaceful. After about ten minutes I was done, and I fell in some kind of trance. I had absolutely no thoughts and instead of procrastinating I just went to sleep. Not really, because my mind was so clear, I immediately felt a flow and started writing this paragraph down as a great example of mental impact that meditation has.

Damn, this post unintentionally got really long, so I gotta stop myself right here. That was my personal experience with meditation, hope it also helps you find your peace of mind. Share your personal experience with meditation in the comment section, let’s see how many of us realized the benefits of it.