Discover the classic, well known Minecraft in double as much details. Previously known as Default 32×32, Depixel brings you a smooth, consistent experience with a touch of realism, keeping the Vanilla style in all its glory. If you’re a fan of Vanilla look, there is nothing that you won’t recognize, even if you’ve never used Depixel.

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"Depixel is a mod that aims to replace all the textures in Minecraft with better-looking textures that still retain the original, classic look of vanilla Minecraft."

PC Gamer
The global authority on PC games

"Consider this just one step past the Faithful Pack on the vanilla-to-stylized scale."

Planet Minecraft
Creative Minecraft community fansite

"Discover the classic, well known Minecraft in double as much details with this pack by Schmueles!"

"When most of your outmoded resource packs aren’t doing anything significant, you can trust this spectacular pack for its distinctive and likable look."

Owner of Planet Minecraft

"Great pack!"

Contributor for Depixel

"It's been insanely fun working with you. It's been helpful to you and it's also been super cool for me. Wondering aswell while I have you, is it cool for me to put this onto a CV."

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