PolyFlore is open!

Today officially marks the opening of our site, it is really exciting because I have been working on this site and perfecting it to match my vision for months. The site is not yet finished, but I’m are constantly working on it. Done is better than perfect, as they say.

Welcome to PolyFlore – an essence of two multifaceted personalities that have common goals, never stop and don’t let anything stop them on the path towards their dreams, and looking for ways to improve in many different things to perfectly incarnate their vision.

We plan to grow into something significant on a mission that will help bring more people together, through Minecraft. We have no idea what the future holds for us, we just live enjoying the present to see what opportunities will come up for us.

What the blogs are going to be about?

As individuals with multiple hobbies and interests, aside from our news and updates on our projects, we will occasionally post blogs about different topics, like gaming, tutorials about web development and coding, graphic design and music production and a little about personal self-growth and lifestyle.

Thanks to the various people’s answers on Stack Overflow that helped me to overcome big and frustrating wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing type of challenges in the process of creating this site.

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